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As two young British moms transplanted in Colorado we longed for some fun activities to do at home with a group of friends that didn’t cost a fortune or  involve pressurized selling.

Fast forward ten years and our kids are no longer little.  Although there are now more things available such as paint’n’sip parties and escape rooms, endlessly searching each one individually is such hard work.  So we came up with the Genie Directory. One place to go, one website,  to find something entertaining to do with friends, in your home or elsewhere, at a price to suit every budget and at a time of your choosing.

The Genie Directory offers you a huge variety of different activities to experience.  Right now, we are concentrating on the Northern Front Range of Colorado but please check back with us regularly because we aim to expand to the whole USA! Better yet, join our mailing list at the bottom of this page and we’ll tell you.

Browse the website.  See what experiences we have to offer in your area.  Contact one or more of the experts and get ready to have some fun!

If you are an expert or an aspiring expert, check out our FAQs page and then sign up to be part of our community.

Meet the Team



Amanda is a busy mom of four, with a background in accounting (yawn); she longs for something more fun and exciting.  Here at the Genie Directory, she is one of our founders as well as our Finance Director (yes i know -can’t get away from it), she is responsible for updating our website and if you’re looking for a traditional British cream tea experience – look no further. Check her out under our listings.



Another of our founders, Steph is also busy with her family of three boys.  Originally in Quality Control, she is an expert in making sure we run smoothly. Steph is in charge of marketing, recruiting and operations.. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, hiking, camping and for relaxation, card making.

Our Vision

“Our vision is a community of experts who are creating exciting, different, creative, stimulating, social experiences for people in their homes, businesses, and other venues across the globe. Our experts are local entrepreneurs; they are often the little guy entertainer/crafter who are earning some extra cash doing something that they are passionate about.We envisage hosts inviting friends to enjoy experiences within their homes. A fun filled time with good company, some nibbles and drinks while being entertained by talented experts.”
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