Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your experts/professionals?2018-08-08T19:17:55+00:00

They are party providers.  They are people with many different skills and passions such as wine enthusiasts, florists, card makers, jewelers, cosmetologists, among others.  They will provide a party at a host’s house (or agreed location) for a fee where they will showcase their talents and guests will socialize with friends while creating a masterpiece or learning a new skill.

How does the Genie Directory work?2018-08-08T19:17:55+00:00

The Genie Directory provides a list of local sources of all sizes for your entertainment needs.

Use the search tool on our Home page to bring up experts in your area.  You can then refine that search by distance and categories.

Contact your chosen expert directly.  Their contact information is shown on their individual page.  You will then book directly with the party provider.

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Do I pay the Genie Directory?2018-08-08T19:17:54+00:00

No, all payments are made directly to your expert.

Will I have to pay upfront?2018-08-08T19:17:54+00:00

Each expert will have their own requirements.  Please contact them directly.

Does the party have to be held in my home?2018-08-08T19:17:53+00:00

No, the venue can be anywhere that works for both parties.

Is there a maximum and minimum number of guests?2018-08-08T19:17:53+00:00

That depends on the type of party and the party provider.  See the individual expert page for details.

Do the experts only work in specific locations?2018-08-08T19:17:53+00:00

Each provider has the option of saying how far they are willing to travel to do a party.  But you can always contact them directly and ask if they are prepared to travel to you.

How do I book?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Contact the provider directly using the contact details supplied on their page.

How do I provide feedback?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Please use the “contact us” form which can located on the upper menu bar.

How do I change the time/date of a party?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Contact your provider directly.

What if the number of guests changes?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Let your provider know in advance as often the number of people will dictate the amount of supplies needed.

What if I need to cancel my party?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Contact your provider directly, each will have their own policy regarding cancellations.

Can I tip?2018-08-08T19:17:52+00:00

Tipping is entirely up to you but is not expected.

Can children come to the parties?2018-08-08T19:17:51+00:00

Absolutely, it may depend on the type of party and you should check with your provider.

I’m interested in becoming an expert. How do I do that?2018-10-09T18:47:29+00:00
Do you do children’s parties?2018-08-08T19:17:51+00:00

Each provider is unique.  Search under the category “Children/Teens” for a list who specifically cater for children.

Will I be expected to buy anything?2018-08-08T19:17:51+00:00

If your provider does not charge for the party, then you can reasonably expect that they will be bringing items to sell.  However, if you are paying, then the expectation is that you will not be purchasing additional items, unless you want to.

I am hosting a party at my house. What am I expected to do?2018-08-08T19:17:51+00:00

Coordinate with your provider to see what they need setting up.  This could include access to water, electricity, a particular area, etc.  Agree a time to start and pay any deposit they may require.  Confirm numbers a few days before the party.  Each party and each host is different.  Some hosts prefer to supply drinks and nibbles for their guests.  Other hosts ask guest to bring a dish or drink to share.  Equally, no food or drinks have to be shared.  It is entirely up to you.  It’s your party!

What is an expert?2018-10-09T18:54:32+00:00

An expert is a party provider.  They are people with many different skills and passions such as wine enthusiasts, florists, card makers, jewelers, cosmetologists, amongst others.  They will provide a party at a host’s house (or agreed location) for a fee where they will showcase their talents and guests will socialize with friends while creating a masterpiece or learning a new skill.

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Who can be an expert?2018-10-09T18:53:18+00:00

Anyone with passion and experience in a particular field who would like to entertain others.

A typical expert could be a stay at home mom who is considering getting back into the workplace or someone who wants to earn a little cash with a job that fits around their lifestyle.   More experienced providers will include those people who already have their own small business and are looking to increase their exposure to new markets.

Do you have hobbies at which you are very good?  These hobbies could be almost anything: dancing, cooking, crafting, beauty/fashion, etc.  It could even be the job you did before.  The expert does not need to have any experience in holding parties or entertaining; the get togethers will usually be informal and The Genie Directory can give coaching and advice to those who need it.

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How do I become an expert?2018-10-09T18:50:51+00:00
What’s the benefit of becoming an expert?2018-08-08T19:30:04+00:00

There are many benefits of joining our service:

  • Your own web page without the frustration and expense of creating your own website
  • Exposure to more potential clients
  • Making extra cash
  • Showcasing the smaller entrepreneur
  • Cost effective
  • Member of a local network of like-minded individuals
  • Coaching and advice
How do I cancel my registration?2018-08-08T19:30:53+00:00

We would be very sorry to lose you.  Before canceling please talk to us.  However, if you still want to cancel, send us an email with the subject CANCEL with one month’s notice.  We will process and stop collecting payments from PayPal.

How will I get paid?2018-08-08T19:31:34+00:00

You will be paid directly by the Host.  You may request a deposit but the transaction is between you and the host, the Genie Directory is not part of this transaction.

What does the Genie Directory expect from an expert?2018-10-16T19:10:50+00:00

As with all business transactions, providers should be polite and courteous to the host and guests.  You should arrive promptly with plenty of time to set up if needed.  Talk often with the host prior to the event so that you understand their needs and they understand yours.

We have Service Guidelines that we expect Experts to adhere to.

Can I offer to sell my ‘party plan’ items (e.g., Stampin’ Up!™, Pampered Chef™, etc.)2018-10-09T18:58:33+00:00

Yes, but you must register under the direct sales category.

Can I sell items to the host/party guests?2018-08-08T19:34:28+00:00

If you are charging for your services then the expectation is that there will be no extra purchases required by the guests.  Please ask your host prior to the event if it is appropriate for you to bring things to sell.

Can I give out my business cards at an event?2018-08-08T19:35:11+00:00

Yes.  Members may also include the link to their webpage on their business cards.

How do I change my web page?2018-10-09T19:00:34+00:00

Using your username and password you can log in to “thegeniedirectory.com”  under “sign in” at the top right of the page and then edit your page.

Do I have to pay to become an expert?2018-10-09T19:02:23+00:00

Yes.  We offer two levels of service.  Click here for more details.

What is the maximum/minimum number of guests?2018-10-09T19:18:06+00:00

That is for you to decide.

Do I need to charge sales tax?2018-08-08T19:38:38+00:00

That depends on your type of business.  Please contact your local sales tax office or your accountant/tax specialist.

Can I hold the event at my house or another venue?2018-08-08T19:39:24+00:00

Absolutely.  Location is your decision.

How do I contact the Genie Directory?2018-10-09T19:04:22+00:00

You can email us at info@thegeniedirectory.com or you can contact us through the “contact us” link at the top of the website.

Are there any restrictions for setting up a web page with you?2018-10-09T19:05:17+00:00

Yes.  Please don’t:

  • Promote Illegal or Inappropriate Activities on our site,
  • Engage in Prohibited Sales or Advertising at parties
  • Post Harmful, Hateful or Illegal Content on our site
  • Infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of Others
  • Post Explicit Content

If we feel any content does not meet our guidelines, we reserve the right to remove it.  Please see our Service Agreement for more details.

Do I need liability insurance?2018-08-08T19:41:39+00:00

Insurance is advisable but please talk to your local insurance expert about specific policies for you.

My question has not been answered.2018-10-09T19:06:36+00:00

Email us at info@thegeniedirectory.com or by using the contact us page

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