How to create the right atmosphere for your next event.

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A party’s atmosphere is very important, it is a mood or character associated with the event. Being able to create great atmospheres is one of the key factors to a successful party, allowing your guests to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the event’s proceedings.

Sometimes using simple ideas and inexpensive equipment with a little thought can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas that you can use to help create the perfect  atmosphere at your next event.


It doesn’t matter if you are hosting in your basement, yard or an amazing rental hall. Lighting is very important and is often overlooked. Whether you are using candles, tiki torches, or traditional lighting, be sure to have adequate light for your guests and relevant to your event.

Too much lighting can distract from the ambiance if you are looking for an intimate event and too little can cause eye strain if there is a need for attention to detail with a particular activity.

Stringing up patio lights, paper lanterns or inexpensive candles can add to the party’s atmosphere. The most inexpensive way to create some ambiance is of course by dimming the lights. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, you can try using tea lights, making sure of course they are located out of harms way.

Make your guests feel welcome and at ease with their surroundings.


Adding background music to your event is the perfect way to set the mood.  You don’t need a large sound system, just a small speaker, strategically placed with your favorite playlist on repeat will work.  When considering what type of music to play, think about the guests who are attending, the activities you will be doing and the atmosphere you wish to create. Match the music to the mood you want…upbeat, relaxed, chatty, creative.  The key is to keep it low enough that it doesn’t interfere with conversation, but loud enough that it still has an impact. If it is a relaxed atmosphere, you might have instrumental music in the background.


You are one of the most important details to help build a good party atmosphere. Stay calm and do not let things scare or intimidate you as this will show during the event and distort the atmosphere you have worked so hard for.  If you require help doing something during the event then ask a guest for help. Above all, take time to enjoy the wonderful event you are throwing. If you know you don’t do particularly well at putting a party together, either enlist the help of a friend or hire a party planner or event coordinator so that they can help you create the perfect party atmosphere you wish to have at your event.

Go that extra mile

We all love it when we attend a party and there are special touches that let you know the host has thought of you?  Maybe they have your favorite drink available or got that dessert or snack that you love. Whatever it is, if you can take a moment to add simple touches for your guests, it will not go unnoticed.

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You might think your home is super comfortable and welcoming, but your guests may see things differently. Take the time to get your home ready for guests and make sure everyone has a great time.

Own the event, make it yours by marking it with your own special touches. A successful event is dictated by the happiness of your guests. Most of all relax, enjoy and have fun whatever your social gathering.

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